Success Stories

Here are just a few
success stories.

Success Stories

Here are just a few success stories.

My clients have achieved a huge range of outcomes from clarity and promotions, to contentedness and calm.

I receive exclusively 5 star reviews.

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Phanella is an excellent and highly recommendable coach. She has an immense understanding of her craft and not only was she able to coach me career wise but we also touched some really deep topics which were hindering me in my personal development.

Isabelle Bosshard
Creative Director
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I came to your Red Smart Woman breakfast meeting last year and left feeling super inspired to grab hold of my life and follow the career path that was right for me. I feel that I was meant to be at your talk that morning… Fast forward to March 2019, since attending your talk I have given up my full time position as a store manager and after leaving uni 14 years ago, I started back in January to complete an MSc in International Marketing specialising in Digital and Social media. I can honestly say I would not be doing this had I not attended your talk. Thank you for being my inspiration.

Wendy Morgan
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What I think made Phanella’s advice so relevant was that she has herself experienced working in challenging roles and so her advice is not purely theoretical. She really understands the pressures that women working in the City face.

Julia Bishop
Associate, Bird & Bird
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Phanella’s coaching sessions – quite literally – changed my life. I was feeling lost, unmotivated and sat in a cloud of self doubt after having two very young children. We worked through business ideas I’d struggled to get off the ground (and put huge pressures on myself to do so), we identified my strengths and where my focuses should lie, and with Phanella’s coaching I soon realised that going back to the stability of an office role was a path more suited to this point in life, and an important step for building my future. With this help I overcame imposter syndrome and landed a senior flexible role that works around my children. A million thank yous will never be enough!

Katherine Pinner
Brand Director
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Phanella has a wonderful approach to coaching and my sessions with her have radically changed the way I think about myself and my career… She seemed to have an almost magical ability to read my mind and completely understood the challenges I was facing in my industry at the time. She helped me identify what I really wanted from current and future jobs and injected a necessary amount of perspective into the options on the table. Thanks to Phanella I have a compass of strengths, values and priorities that I can turn to at any future fork in the road. I would heartily recommend her as a coach.

Maggie Lakin
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I contacted Phanella after having some initial success with hypnotherapy apps to work through confidence and anxiety issues. I wished to see if personalized sessions could provide deeper benefits. Over the space of six weeks, Phanella took the time to truly understand my challenges and goals. At the end of each session we’d go into the hypnotherapy session. I can honestly say the time with Phanella was incredibly effective. I’ve noticed huge positive changes, personally and professionally. Environments which used to be daunting no longer are, situations where I would historically become anxious in, I now feel comfortable in. My confidence is much higher and this has lead to other benefits – I tend to laugh more, worry less and generally enjoy life much more than prior to the sessions. Whilst I finished the sessions over a month ago, I am still enjoying the benefits. I have some of the sessions as recording so I can listen back, though I find less need to do so. I would highly recommend anyone looking to improve their professional performance, or resolve anxiety issues book a session with Phanella.

David Wood
Sales Director
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Phanella is the first person I call when I need career advice. She is incredibly knowledgeable, thoughtful and reliable. Her range of experience means there’s never a question she can’t answer and I love her direct approach.

Dr Jessamy Hibberd
Clinical Psychologist
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I continually rave about you – how you approach and see situations so astutely, directly and rationally, your sharp focus and your clear direction. I just wanted to say thank you for the inspiration, it made me feel powerful and unapologetic. And I will carry that with me forever.

Tara Wilkinson
Director, Almeida Theatre
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Phanella has provided me with several invaluable coaching sessions. She has encouraged me to focus on where I want to get to in the future and helped me to take this first step to achieving that. She has been sensitive to my circumstances but also firm when needed, and has offered me practical advice taking into account my previous career, my family circumstances and my ambitions. I can not recommend her highly enough.

Sarah Boulton-Jones
Solicitor, BDB Pitmans
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Phanella has had a huge impact on my ability to build my business. Before meeting her, I thought coaching was not for me. Her knowledge of business, practical advice and direct style is not at all what I expected but has given me huge clarity of thought and proven to be of significant value.

Robert L
Managing Director, Large Property Company

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