Issues I help with?

Most of my clients come to me
looking for help with one of
these issues, or more commonly
a combination.

Issues I help with?

Most of my clients come to me
looking for help with one of
these issues,or more commonly
a combination.

Together we unpick what is really going on, identify blockers that stand in their way and move towards new, liberating and helpful action that leads to a happier, more successful work and life.

Leadership Challenges

Are you a senior leader or entrepreneur facing specific challenges in your career? Would independent, expert support make all the difference in how you are able to lead, make strategic decisions or navigate growth? As an exited entrepreneur, as well as highly experienced leadership coach (as well a previous City career), I understand the challenges you face. Together we will work to get you strategically pursuing your business and career goals, as well as remove the blockers than stand in the way of your success and enjoyment. I am also experienced in working with transitioning CEO/new CEO pairs and co-founders to achieve harmony and continuity. Through my corporate business Up Rising I can also provide larger scale leadership interventions.

Navigating Change

Whether you’re thinking of changing career, seeking promotion, returning to work or growing or selling a business, a coach can help you design and navigate your new path and emerge feeling more successful, contented and calmer than ever before. I am an expert in all forms of organisational and career change having experienced many of them both first hand and as a coach to 100s of clients over my coaching career. Together we can discover your purpose, uncover strengths, build confidence and create a plan of action that will make all the difference to you and your career.

Growing Confidence

Many of my clients struggle with low self-esteem, imposter syndrome or a general feeling of not being good enough. Low confidence can impact everything from your career progression and ability to speak up in meetings to your social and body confidence. Together we will work to understand how unhelpful patterns of thinking and behaving are impacting your confidence and quickly make changes allowing you to become confident enough to achieve your work and life goals.

Finding Purpose

Are you at a turning point in your career? Perhaps you feel unfulfilled, unsure which path to choose or are feeling stuck in unhelpful patterns of behaviour? There is a way to feel engaged again and I truly believe that each of us can and deserves to wake up feeling excited and engaged by our work and lives. Together we will work to explore your values, uncover what motivates you and create a plan of action to allow you to move towards your purpose in a realistic but meaningful way.

Work life balance

Do you feel overwhelmed, exhausted and guilty as you try to manage the competing demands on your time and energy? I believe – and know from personal and client experience – that it is possible to grow your career and create a meaningful balance between work and life. Together we will explore what is holding you back from finding balance – whether that involves learning assertiveness and boundary setting, or a re-evaluation of standards and goals – before putting into action a healthy, sustainable and realistic plan for the future.

Stress and Insomnia

Many of my client come to me suffering stress and related symptoms including insomnia. I am a true expert in teaching you to manage stress and reclaim the good night’s sleep you need to function at your best. Using a range of tools from coaching, CBT and even hypnotherapy, we will work together to quickly have you in a healthier and more productive mental space.


Coaching isn’t just about fixing issues, it is also an incredible tool for positive change; and it’s never too late to improve, develop and learn new skills allowing you to reach your full potential. Whether you’d like to become more assertive, develop healthier habits or learn to relax, a few sessions are often enough to make lasting changes to how you think, feel and behave.

Work Related Stress or Anxiety

Working in high-pressure environments is tough and it’s no surprise that many clients come to me experience symptoms of stress and anxiety both specific and more general. Using my unique, integrative approach we can quickly work to get you managing your daily stress more effectively, as well as, over time, look at the causes of your anxiety and how to fix deeper rooted symptoms. The end result is a calmer, more flexible attitude that will leave you able to enjoy work and function so much better than ever before.

Social Anxiety

If you struggle with meetings, are daunted by networking, cowed by dating or dread presenting, you are not alone. However, a lack of confidence in these situations can hold you back both from enjoying your work and from progressing as you would like. My approach to social anxiety blends, relaxation, CBT and other modalities to get to the heart of your symptoms and create long-lasting, positive change allowing you to take on every situation with calm confidence.


Being a good communicator, allows you to inspire others, build trust, lead better and pursue your goals more effectively yet it is one of the most difficult skills to master. Whether you dread meetings, struggle with public speaking, want to become more assertive or quite simply express yourself better, we will work to grow your confidence, improve your skills and remove the blockers that stand in your way to communicating in the most effective way possible.

Personal Brand

Do you have a clear vision of who you are? And are you able to sell that vision effectively to others to grow your career or business? Whether as part of a leadership coaching programme or a career change (or start-up journey), we will work together to identify your strengths and craft them into a coherent story that will allow you to progress and grow, as well as removing any blockers that stand in your way.

If you would like help for your business or as part of your corporate role, take a look at my corporate business Up Rising.

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Phanella has had a huge impact on my ability to build my business. Before meeting her, I thought coaching was not for me. Her knowledge of business, practical advice and direct style is not at all what I expected but has given me huge clarity of thought and proven to be of significant value.

Robert L
Managing Director, Large Property Company