Welcome to the happiest,
most successful
version of you

Welcome to the happiest,
most successful
version of you

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Hi, I’m Phanella

As one of the most experienced coaches in the UK, I help high achievers create success in work and in life. I have over 1000 coaching hours and have driven incredible results for 100s of clients around the world and across industries for the last decade. But more than that, I share experiences of the pressures you face professionally; I’ve been a corporate lawyer and fund manager, before successfully starting and then selling my first start-up – the game-changing careers platform, The Step Up Club. I am also a popular media careers expert with a best-selling book under my belt.

If you want to feel more successful, confident and calm, you’ve come to the right place.

As a high achiever,
you ask a lot of yourself.

So why not expect the same from your coach?

If you are struggling with your confidence, feeling stressed or anxious, at a career or business crossroads or feel that you are not fulfilling your true potential, know that you are not alone. My clients are all very different but are united by a desire to fulfil their own potential in pursuit of one simple mission: they want success and happiness their way.

The route to career success comes with enormous pressure and a specific set of expectations, which can result in negative thoughts and behaviours.

It’s time to be free from
what’s holding you back

Clear sense of direction and a
reasurring sense of calm.

My signature method will quickly and effectively take you on a journey from identifying your blockers to proactively implementing a new success plan, whatever that might look like.

Through 1-1 coaching, combined with a range of therapeutic techniques including CBT and visualisation, I help you get tangible results and arm you with the right tools and behaviours to take on challenges, deal with unhelpful thoughts and know, quite simply, how to be.

To take the first step simply book a 15 minute introduction session.

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Phanella is an excellent career and personal development coach, with impressive credentials. She encourages a long-term perspective and has a warm, detailed and direct approach. She is a great help during a career decision-making process and I would enthusiastically recommend her.

Mwenya Kawesha
Business Strategy Consultant, Accenture

A holistic approach to
an often-complex issue

I believe that we all can be happy and fulfilled when we strip back the things that limit us. With the right approach, you can overcome these barriers and emerge stronger and more satisfied.

Each session lasts about
an hour and I recommend
6-8 sessions

You’ll get a discreet, highly personalised programme, focussing on the areas where you will benefit most from my honest, expert intervention.

Each session, delivered in person or remotely, lasts either an hour or 90 minutes and I usually recommend 6-8 sessions, depending on what you need to achieve, and we discover that sits behind that.

These are just a few of the corporate clients I have worked with.